In the early years Zeppelin hosted a bunch of concerts and different events



Søren Andersen (DK) (Known for his work in Electric Guitars & touring with Glenn Hughes)

The Boy That Got Away (DK) // Release concert

Dance With Dirt (DK) // Release concert

Freddy and the Phantoms (DK) // Acoustic concert

Six Black Cordelias (DE/SW/US)

Mojave Desert Rebels (DK)

Statement (DK) // Acoustic concert

Bite The Bullet (DK) // Release concert

Dirty Old Town (DK)

All my Exes (DK) // Acoustic concert 

Tiger/Swan (DK) // Acoustic concert

Morten Remar (DK) // Album release concert

Select Captain/Hesselberg (DK) // Acoustic concert

FooJam (DK) //  Acoustic concert

Franklin Zoo (DK) // Intimate concert & releaseparty

Blood and Sun (US) & Tidebound (DK)

Thorbjørn Risager (DK) // Semi-acoustic concert

St. Prostitute (DK) // Release concert & party

Stonebird (DK)

Billy Cross (DK) // Mini concert & releaseparty

Anders Bo aka. ABO (DK) // Acoustic concert & single releaseparty

Flemming Borby (DK) // Release concert

Dear Delusion (DK) // Acoustic concert & listening session

VolJam (DK)

Nitroville (UK) & St. Prostitute (DK) // Album release concert

Whitewoods Rock (DK)


Mike Tramp (DK) // 40th anniversary concert


Shotgun Revolution (DK) // Single releaseparty

The Savage Rose (DK) // Album release and reception

Electric Guitars (DK) // Album releaseparty

Black Book Lodge (DK) // Releaseparty

Kickin Valentina (US) // Live streaming from the band in USA & album releaseparty

Genus Ordinis Dei (IT) // Releaseparty & DJ metal night

Tue West (DK) // Pre-release

Xtra Naan (DK) // Private releaseparty


Grumpynators (DK) // Signing session & DJ night

A Road To Damascus (DK) // US release & DJ night

Sort Hest (Anders Bøtter from DR and Mikkel Wad Larsen from Helhorse (DK)) // DJ night


Q&A // Ken Anthony (Known for his work with Metallica and Merciful Fate)

Q&A // Steffen Jungersen (Former music editor/critic at BT) & Tim Christensen (Dizzy Mizz Lizzy) (DK)

Storytelling // Mala Costumbre (DK)

Talk // Peter Béliath (Metal journalist, known for his work for Metalized and Peter Béliaths Rifferama) (DK)

Varnishing // “Metal on metal” photos by Lunah